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Packaging table HW 450 / TW 550

Packaging machines

Packaging table HW 450 / TW 550

The machine is used to pack a variety of foodstuffs in PVC Climb film: bread, cakes, cold cuts, meat, fish, delicatessen products, cheese, vegetables, fruit, etc. both on EPS trays and without the use of trays. It is most often used in bakeries, confectioneries, meat factories, fruit and vegetable buying stations, grocery shops, etc.

The packaging consists in wrapping a particular item (on a tray or loose) with foil and placing it on the hot surface of the machine’s working table. The film is tightened and sealed, which protects the food from drying out or absorbing moisture. The foodstuffs have a prolonged shelf life and, at the same time, are packed in an aesthetically pleasing way.


  • High packaging output and simple operation
  • Automatic cut-off bar protection (the cut-off bar is only automatically opened when the film is cut, thus preventing accidental contact with the hot cut-off bar)
  • Temperature stabilisation of heating elements protects against film burning and emission of harmful substances
  • Protection against film sticking due to Teflon coating of heating slats
  • Durable construction of high-grade stainless steel
  • Compliance with current standards confirmed by CE certificate
  • Safe, automatic cut-off bar cover


HW 450 TW 550
The dimensions of the heating table mm 380 x 120 480 x 120
Maximum width
foil rolls
mm 450 518
Maximum product weight kg 7,5 8,5
Heating bed temperature °C Adjustable to 90 °C
Cut-off bar temperature °C Stabilized approx 150°C
Device dimensions [length x width x height] mm 600 x 470 x 110 600 x 570 x 110
Device weight kg 6 6,5
Electric supply V / Hz 230 / 50 230 / 50
Power W 300 300


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