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TMC PRO – Semi-automatic machine with tunnel

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TMC PRO - Semi-automatic machine with tunnel

Arm opening height:250mm (10”)
Max. Productivity pcs / min:10 – 12 pcs/min
Max. Product Height:150mm (6”)
Max. Roll Diameter:250mm (10”)
Working Height:960mm (38”)
Compressed air:No
Types of films:POF: 7-37 micron PVC: 15-25 micron
Color. Light grey RAL 7035
Półutomatyczna zgrzewarka kloszowa z tunelem 3
Discover the advantages of the machine

Main features of TMC PRO

  • Minimisation of space required (monobloc)
  • Easy to use, compliant with safety standards
  • M-line: automatic motorized opening and closing of the sealing arm
  • M-Series: Sealing arm opening time adjustable in automatic cycle
  • M-series: Sealing arm sensor for accident prevention
  • M series: The arm is closed in manual mode by pressing a button
  • H series: Manual opening and closing
  • H series: Adjustment of the holding time of the electromagnet