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Adhesive packaging tapes

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Adhesive packaging tapes

Adhesive packaging tapes are used for closing and protecting cardboard boxes as well as foil and paper packaging.

Tapes offered by us are characterised by high resistance to tearing, thanks to which a sealed shipment will survive even the longest journey.

We distinguish tapes according to the applied adhesive:

  • Solvent , natural rubber – the strongest adhesive, tapes are used for packages stored in a cold store and for heavy weather storage.
  • Hot melt adhesive – used for sealing in less demanding conditions.
  • ACRYLIC – tapes with the weakest adhesive of the above mentioned, but also the cheapest. It is characterised by high transparency, suitable for use on smooth and relatively slippery surfaces and in positive temperatures.

We have tapes in standard colours (transparent, brown, white) as well as non-standard ones (blue, red, yellow…..).


On request we can produce tapes of different widths and lengths, below are the standard ones:

  • 48mm x 35m   
  • 48mm x 60m   
  • 48mm x 66m   
  • 48mm x 900m – technical (for machines)
  • 48mm x 990m – technical (for machines)
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We are extremely proud of all our products. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our full offer and, if you have any questions, to contact our representatives.