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BOPP – Polypropylene film

Packaging Products

BOPP - Polypropylene film

  • double-sided, stiffness and tensile strength,
  • transparency, high gloss and low permeability to water vapour and aromatic substances,
  • allows prints to be made on it,
  • high spreadability allows for its use on packaging machines,
  • activated on the external side of the roll,
  • the use of outer weldable layers enables its sealing below the polypropylene melting point,
  • BOPP film can be used both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, it can be used for direct wrapping of products or as a component of laminates,


Products that can be packaged in BOPP film:

  • Confectionery products (cakes, bars), packaging and boxes with coffee, tea, cosmetics, haberdashery and clothing products (shirts, underwear), pasta, chips.  


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