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CAST – Polypropylene film

Packaging Products

CAST - Polypropylene film

  •  high gloss, transparency and increased barrier properties against water vapour penetration,
  • high quality, flexibility and clarity of film
  • film with mechanical properties similar to PE and optical properties similar to OPP (through the method of deconstruction, which consists in “pouring” the still liquid film through a narrow slot on a rotating cylinder and its rapid cooling without any stretching,
  • low specific weight affects the packaging performance in comparison to other films of the same thickness,
  • high tear/puncture resistance, can be easily perforated,
  • is a non-orientable film (minimal stretching is required), can be used as a component of laminates with other materials
  • is offered as a single side activated from the outside of the roll .

Technical characteristics:

  • thickness from 20 to 110 my
  • in tape or half-sleeve
  • sealing on “hot knife” equipment

The CAST film is used for the production of:

  • Food bags (bread, sweets), packaging for fresh vegetables,
  • Packaging for products requiring pasteurisation,
  • Textile packaging (shirts, underwear, hosiery, bed linen), photo albums, as a component of laminates.


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