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PE (polyethylene) shrink films

Polyethylene film is a strong and durable film used primarily by customers who need to protect their goods during transport.

Properties of Polyethylene PE film :

  • it fixes goods perfectly and protects against dust, moisture and mechanical damage,
  • it retains its rigidity and resistance to cracking at food freezing temperatures ( down to -70° C),
  • it is odourless, tasteless,
  • it contains no toxic or harmful substances,
  • it has thermo-shrinkable properties (for “shrink-wrap” packing),
  • Polyethylene PE film is used to create packs (e.g. bottles of drinks, cans, cosmetics, jars, candles, etc.) Technical characteristics
  • it is adaptable to half-sleeve or sleeve form
  • it offers a variety of thicknesses


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