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Polyethylene foam

Packaging Products

Polyethylene foam

  • polyethylene foam is produced in the process of foaming polyethylene with isobutane.
  • it has a closed cell structure, which has a significant impact on its excellent properties.
  • polyethylene foam is water- and vapour-proof,
  • it is odourless and chemically neutral,
  • it has very good insulating properties. 


Products that are packed in foam:

  • foam is currently one of the most frequently and frequently used products for packing and protecting goods,
  • it is used as protective packaging and in the construction industry,
  • it is used for packing products susceptible to scratches and damage to external surfaces in the furniture, electronics, automotive and many related industries.


Technical characteristics:

  • polyethylene foam may be pure or enriched with antistatic additives, dyes and laminated films (HDPE, LDPE, bubble, self-adhesive, metallised),
  • we sell polyethylene foam in the form of rolls witjh different widths,
  • depending on thickness – from 0.1m to 1.55m, as well as converted into sheets, bags and sleeves,
  • foams can be divided according to thickness (from 0.8 mm to 12 mm) and density (up to 33 kg/m3).


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