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Packaging Products

POLITERM SF polyolefin is a multilayer film featuring:

  • high transparency, gloss,
  • very good shrinking properties, high aesthetic properties
  • ecological properties, 100% recyclable, no harmful fumes are emitted into the atmosphere during the sealing process and disposal
  • slip rate, adapted to the needs of the product and its packaging style.
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Reasons why polyolefin is often used in industry:

  • it is safe for health, does not contain harmful substances,
  • it does not affect the natural taste or smell of the packaged food,
  • film of much lower thickness than other packaging materials can be successfully used, thus reducing the cost of the final product
  • ideal for industrial as well as food packaging,
  • it is suitable for packing products with regular as well as irregular shapes (boxes, toys)
  • it retains considerable shrinkage at low temperatures, can be used for packing frozen products,

Products that are packed in polyolefine: