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Polystyrene fillers

Packaging Products

Polystyrene fillers

  • Polystyrene fillers are used to protect products in transport/storage in tekrutor, metal, plastic or wooden packaging,
  • they provide cushioning for the object filled with the filler,
  • prevents stress in the package which could damage the product,
  • Thanks to the fillers several products can be secured in one parcel,
  • polystyrene fillers have very low hygroscopicity, thanks to which they perfectly protect delicate products such as electronics.

Technical features:

  • Polystyrene fillers are in the form of cuboids 20 x 20 x 20mm or 20 x 20 x 10mm and polystyrene balls with a diameter of 2-5mm,
  • the foam filler is in the form of the letter E with dimensions similar to polystyrene cuboids,
  • all types of fillers are packed in thick-walled foil bags of 0.5 m3.



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