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PP (polypropylene) strapping tapes

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PP (polypropylene) strapping tapes

Use of PP strapping tapes:

  • PP strapping tapes can be used for manual and machine binding of loads,
  • PP strapping tapes can be joined by means of manual devices, where wire, tin or PP buckles are used, manual vibratory sealers, automatic and semi-automatic machines (used when packing parcels or unit loads).
  • PP strapping tapes are the cheapest and most frequently used type of sealing tape.
  • PP strapping tapes are ideal for transport, in food, construction and printing industries.

Properties of PP (polypropylene) strapping tapes:

  • PP strapping tapes are an alternative to steel strapping,
  • PP strapping tapes offer high resistance to chemical and atmospheric factors and deformation,
  • PP strapping tapes work well in temperatures from -40°C to +100°C,
  • PP strapping tapes have very high tensile strength,
  • no rust deposits on the load ,
  • reusable,
  • colours: white, green, blue,
  • available in different sizes and thicknesses



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