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Printed adhesive tape

Packaging Products

Printed adhesive tape - why you should have it:

  • fulfils the functions of: advertising, seals,
  • prevents unwanted opening (thanks to its unique pattern),
  • used to secure goods during transport and storage,

We offer standard overprints such as “ATTENTION: GLASS”, “WARNING TAPE “. CAREFULLY DO NOT THROW” and individual, unique company prints.


How is the print made?

  • SANDWICH technology – i.e. the print is made on foil before application of glue (indelible print),
  • individual printing allows unlimited possibilities for multi-colour printing,
  • we use Hot-Melt adhesive and Rubber glue (the stronger one is used rather for cold stores).
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We are extremely proud of all our products. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our full offer and, if you have any questions, to contact our representatives.