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Semi-sleeves – Polyethylene films

Packaging Products

Semi-sleeves - Polyethylene films

  • film for general use,
  • shrinking of wrap film is carried out at the temperature of 150°C – 180°C,
  • stress at break [MPa] longitudinally >20, transversely >20,
  • elongation at break [%] longitudinally >400, transversely >500,
  • film density 0,93 g/cm3,
  • roll weights as per customer request,
  • width from 140 mm to 5000 mm,
  • thickness from 0,018 mm to 0,20 mm
  • possibility to print on foil or full colouring, perforation and application of additives to foil such as: UV stabilisers, anti-slip and anti-static additives.


  • used for packing chemical and industrial products, etc.
  • certified by PZH (Polish Institute of Hygiene), thus suitable for packing food products.



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