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Silage film 500mm and 750mm

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Silage film 500mm and 750mm

  • high quality 5-layer film produced by blowing (BLOW) method.
  • 100% original with no regranulate additives guarantees excellent technical parameters such as: puncture resistance, appropriate stickiness and increased efficiency,
  • high mechanical strength, thanks to which standard, five times wrapped bales are protected against tearing.
  • Silagro film has a UV stabilizer which guarantees protection against radiation,
  • very flexible and resistant to unfavourable weather conditions such as rain or sunlight.
  • Completely safe for the environment and can be recycled after use.


  • our Silagro film is ideal for protecting haylage and storing bales in the field,
  • very high quality Silagro film, which allows you to store your hay outside in closed spaces.
  • It ensures perfect tightness, thanks to which haylage will keep its properties for a long time, even for a year.
  • The product is available in white and green colour.


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